oat milk benefits and side effects

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  1. Benefits of oat milk intestinal with the most offensive two pounds 50 it's in the is in the fresh I also like the like the innocent I'm so not gonna have a longer shelf-life it's not fortified in yeah well I'm particularly nice I was mad about it yeah yeah yeah yeah and then what was your third favorite mine was the Elmhurst and do you think is the best is there any one that we missed yeah what'd we miss what do you like to use oat milk for essentially coffee yeah this one is my favorite and coffee that I've tried because it's really really creamy oh it's so good so good yeah mouth latte with Oatley it's just heaven yeah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys liked our requested oat milk best of taste teoat milk benefits and side effects other people can find and we will see you guys next time in a new video byehow to stop overeating at nighI never knew and I can remember submitting these photos like trying to scrounge together like


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