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Sep 28, 2017
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Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 23)

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Administrator, Male, 23

Staff Member Administrator
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Apr 10, 2018
    1. Rezzy_YouTube
      Hello I wanted to ask if I can get the server pluginins please please
    2. Jorden
      are you guys looking for any staff I have notice there inst anymore
    3. Blackiiizfan
      u can unban pls my acc name is lisaistnett i donjt cheat and was baned because my faction mate has cheatet not me and he was my brother its nor fair
    4. MonsterHeib22
      Hi pls unban my friend he is the faction owner we doesn't play
    5. lpmitplhilipp
      why i dosent get unbanned ? i waiting 9 month for that my brother got banned for afk farming and got unbanned and i got banned for the self ip why i dont get unbanned ?
    6. Skyler Price
      Skyler Price
      Please view link
    7. Miirrii
      Hay im Miirrii IGalactic banned me for aimbot 2017.3.8 and im eally sry for that i want to play with my friend because i really like this server im searching for other faction servers but they are so lame i like this server and please can i get 1 chance i wont hack anymore. Miirrii
    8. Guard
      Good day Pat the Player mlgomegaprogamer scammed me i have Pictures and he ask me give all you stuff on f5 i give it him he say he buy me immo all my stuff is way can you coom on the Server f5 my Name is Gu4drian4ngel
    9. Derp
      um pat..... when (on Friday) and where are the staff meetings?
    10. AmazingDJ22
      Pat can i get OchoaIII banned for hacking into my base without a raid and just tping everyone he knows in sadly i have no proof because i dont have a screen recorder but please pat i was about to move bases with my faction and he does this crap and now i have nothing
    11. TheRealRealxingEnd
      My name is tyrell5
    12. TheRealRealxingEnd
      Patp I Got banned from donqshyn For puting a ip in the server. i did not know that was bannable and i that was along time ago and i did not put nubmers.the reason why i want to get unbanned is because i love your server and the boss egg. and i only play your server cause its fun. i hope i get unnbaned from you patp the best owner;].
    13. 2yoda
      Wasn't Pat an owner, why does it say Administrator?
    14. Audiokabel
      its_Lexie banned me for a few hours for good reasons (Kill Aura).
      It wasn't my intention to use Hacks on the server.
      I want to get unbanned, because I really like the server and I don't want to play on an there server. I also bought the rank Mystic and now I can't play with it anymore. I hope I will get unbanned in the next time, because it was just in hub and not on the main server.
      Thank you, Audiokabel
    15. Erik Michaelson
      Erik Michaelson
      thanks for adding wars back but can you add 1v1 wars next its hard getting all of my war people online at the same time so i think it will be easyer if i can do a 1v1 war
    16. celmore123
      Pat got demoted to admin #upwithdeci
    17. calledRisingSun
    18. Im_Skajo
      Hey Pat, i just wanted to appologize, that i was using Printer [Name: LeeSinGott], i didn´t know the rules and i know them now, so i´m really sorry. I would wish to get a lower ban time, like a week or something. Hope to get an answer soon. Greetings Im_Skajo
    19. WarumSollteEr
      I have buy Ultra rang for F2 but i will for F1 (Im german i cant speak good english)
      1. Hannes
        German: Nach dem Kauf sollte dir der Rang eigentlich auf Pitforge auf jeden Server zur Verfügung stehen, wenn alles gut verläuft.

        English: After the purchase the rank should be available to you, actually, on Pitforge on every server.
        Oct 3, 2017
    20. NikoGamer15
      Can i please help?
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    Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 23)